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August 21st, 2015

SiriusXM Studios

I have added 20 high quality photos of 5SOS visiting the SiriusXM Studios today to the gallery.

August 21st, 2015

Good Morning America

5 Seconds of Summer were on Good Morning America earlier today. They performed “She Looks So Perfect,” “She’s Kinda Hot,” and “What I Like About You.” I haven’t been able to find videos for them as they keep getting taken down, but I’ll post them when I can find working videos. But for now, I have added over 260+ high quality images from their performance to the gallery! Enjoy!

5 Seconds of Summer did a free show for Vevo Certified Live on August 17th. I have added high quality photos from the show to the gallery! The video will air August 24th at 4 p.m. EST., and will be available to all viewers across Vevo’s online, TV, and mobile apps.

Billboard.com – Ah, the Teen Choice Awards. The mecca of adolescence, where the only thing that pounds louder than 5 Seconds of Summer percussionist Ashton Irwin’s kick drum are the heart beats of a thousand teen girls.

5SOS were on hand to perform its new single “She’s Kinda Hot” on live television for the first time, after announcing last week that sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good will be released on Oct. 23. Two new songs from the album, which follows last year’s self-titled debut, were previewed on Friday (Aug. 14) with an official album trailer as well.

“The new record is super personal to us,” drummer Ashton Irwin told Billboard on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet. “We all lived in a house together and recorded it and wrote it. We just care about it a lot. It’s definitely an evolution from the last album. It’s a bigger, more rocking sound.”

“There’s lots of different shit on it,” added guitarist Michael Clifford. “It’s really diverse. There are lots of key sounds we go to.”

On the title Sounds Good Feels Good, Irwin says, “‘Feels Good’ came from the beginning of one of the singles we’re about to put out. [Singer/guitarist] Luke [Hemmings] said it in the studio after we recorded it. He said, ‘Sounds good! Feels good!’ and we were like, ‘There it is!’”

“It encapsulates the whole album’s sound,” Hemmings chimed in. “It sounds badass. It reminds of, like, an ‘80s Mötley Crüe title.”

Some 5SOS fans have pointed out that “She’s Kinda Hot,” which debuted at No. 22 on the Hot 100 chart following its release, sounds eerily similar to My Chemical Romance’s song “Teenagers,” from the now-defunct band’s 2006 album The Black Parade. 5 Seconds of Summer is not shying away from the comparison, and wants fans to understand why the similarities — which have already produced a few YouTube mash-ups — exist.

“That’s just because of the 12-bar blues,” Clifford explains. “I think it might be in the same key as well. People were like, ‘You guys should sound more like My Chemical Romance.’ Then we do sound like My Chemical Romance and people are like, ‘Why the fuck do you sound like My Chemical Romance?’ Ugh!”

August 18th, 2015

Teen Choice Awards 2015

I have added photos of 5SOS from the arrivals and show from the “Teen Choice Awards to the gallery!

Here is 5SOS performing “She’s Kinda Hot” yesterday at the Teen Choice Awards! I will add photos from the awards tomorrow!

5 Seconds of Summer have announced their new album “Sounds Good Feels Good” will release worldwide on October 23rd! When you pre-order a copy, you’ll be able to download a new song “Fly Away!”

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